Repainting of Colchester’s Cast Iron Lampposts begins its second phase.

Packs of paint and equipment are now being distributed to the four teams who will be repainting cast iron lampposts in four areas of the town this year.

During 2021 The Irvine Area Residents Association will be organizing volunteers to carry out restoration work on the cast iron posts in Athelstan, Irvine, Capel and Audley Roads. In addition volunteers in Salisbury Avenue, St. John Green area and Beverley Road will be repainting their cast Iron lampposts.

The Civic Society will be providing insurance cover, plus paint and tools and equipment for this work. County Highways have again agreed to provide the top coat and under coat necessary; and everything else, including primer, has purchased by the Society with funds provided from locality budgets by Borough Councillors from Castle and Christchurch Wards and also by the County Councillor for Abbey.

WE hope to extend this repainting of cast iron lampposts as widely as possible. If you or anyone you know is interested in getting involved in this work, then please get in touch.


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