Wishes for Colchester

Wishes for Colchester
There were 141 responses to the Society’s popular Wishing Wall at the St Botolph’s Priory Event. Residents and visitors took time to pass on their wish for our town. Popular wishes included: cleaner, tidier streets, safer pavements, more trees and a firm no to the proposed student flats in Colchester’s Cultural Quarter. A proper bus station, more cycle lanes, a new place for a revamped market, use of planning enforcement to protect buildings falling into disrepair and year long effective security in the Priory were also requested. People care about Jumbo and would like it sensitively restored. Others requests included the removal of the Queen Street bus lane and effective development of the St Botolph’s roundabout. One resident wrote ‘Please give Colchester the tourist office it deserves, one of a decent size.’ Another said ‘I wish that Colchester recognised and made full use of its breath of heritage.’ A third wrote ‘My wish for Colchester is that it stays a unique town’
All the responses have been forwarded to CBC and those relevant to other stakeholders passed on.

Full details of the wishes made are available here, just follow the link

 St Botolphs Open Day Wishing Wall from Pamela

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