‘Safer Greener Healthier’ Temporary changes around Colchester Town Centre

Many of you will have already been made aware that under instruction from Central government Essex Highways have introduced a range of measures intended to maintain social distancing  in the town centre now that the shops are reopening. This has all been introduced at very short notice and as a consequence only a limited amount of consultation was carried out in advance (and Colchester Civic Society has played no part in these).

No doubt many of you will have concerns  you wish to express or make suggestions for changes over the some of the measures introduced and the following information should enable you to pass these on for consideration.

We understand that Essex County Council are setting up a monitoring committee and many of our ward and county councillors for the affected areas have asked to be on this committee. If you wish to convey your comments and concerns over the measures introduced you can either contact your Ward and/or County Councillor, or you can send these direct using this email address sgh.routes@essex.gov.uk

Before you do so you are advised to read the pdf below, which is a ten page document intended to answer many of the questions likely to arise in relation to the introduction of these emergency Covid 19 social distancing measures.


If you would like to study the scheme in closer details this is a link to the County Highways page  ‘Safer Greener Healthier’


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