Colchester Civic Society AGM

Our AGM is at Greyfriars Hotel on Monday 11th June at 7pm.
Please note the change of venue for this meeting. We are experimenting! Greyfriars has huge advantages, particularly the car parks and bus stops nearby. Much as we like St. Botolph’s Hall, several people have recently found the surrounding area challenging and have thought twice about coming to meetings there. We obviously needed to address this. I know most of you love the welcome we receive at Greyfriars, which really is second to none, so I hope this move addresses your concerns and you will come to the meeting. Lifts can be arranged.
After the AGM, which I promise you will be as short as decently possible although we have masses to report, we will have the treat of a talk by our president, John Burton. He is an extraordinary man who has led an even more extraordinary life as one of the most eminent architects in the world of conservation. How luck we were that he joined the Civic Society when he first came to Colchester as a young man. He has remained a member ever since and has been, for many years, a Vice President of the Society. I was so pleased when he agreed to promotion earlier this year! I was even more pleased when he agreed to speak to us. This will be an absolutely fascinating talk – NOT TO BE MISSED! Although for the sake of the staff at Greyfriars, it would be really helpful if you could let us know that you are coming, it is not vital that we know.

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