The Colchester Historic Postbox Survey

The Colchester Historic Post Boxes Survey

A survey conducted by Robert Mercer for Colchester Civic Society and Colchester Planning Dept.

The Post Box shown on this page is the one which created the urgent need for a Survey of the post boxes in the Borough of Colchester. Our member, Peter Evans came upon workmen from Royal Mail removing his local post box on the 31st of October 2020 very much to his surprise. It transpired that the developer of a site next to the Grapes pub in Mersea Road had requested that Royal Mail remove the post box as it inhibited access to their site. Colchester Planning Dept. gave their consent as they had no records for old pillar boxes especially if they were outside Conservation Areas which this was.

The Civic Society’s distress was that this pillar box was one of only two surviving “Anonymous” boxes which dated from 1879 and were the oldest in the Borough.

At the request of the Conservation Officer, I offered to create a record that would ensure this might never happen again.

The Civic Society also embarked on a vigorous campaign to persuade Royal Mail that this particular box should be returned to the town and re-installed. This they have agreed to do, but not in the original position. It will go to a site in the High Street outside the Superdrug store.

The original position for the Mersea Road “Anonymous” pillar box of 1879 outside the Grapes pub.