Plastic Eyesores Removed

Plastic Eyesores Removed

The Society has mounted a campaign to remove thousands of irritating plastic cable ties used to fasten notices to lamp and sign posts. For some reason the ties were not removed when the notices about such things as road works, street closures and parking restrictions were taken down – or fell off. Some posts had amassed several ties following repeated postings. This is difficult to understand as they are quick and easy to remove.

As well as removing the ties. members also removed a number of old notices. One veteran notice posted by Essex County Council dated 2008 was still adorning, or more accurately blighting, the street furniture on Cowdray Avenue until the Society came to its rescue in February 2019 – over ten years later, A record?

Many of Colchester’s streets are still blighted by countless ties and expired notices. There are hundreds still out there – an unnecessary and unsightly blot on our streetscape just waiting to be removed. We welcome any handed in to us to add to our total, all will be recycled.

You never know, you might beat our current record of eight ties on one post and a post still sporting a notice from 2008!

Please contact Sheila

In October, 2020 4000 were bagged up and handed over the to the council for recycling. (see below). By January 2024, 4000 more had been collected. There are still plenty more blighting street furniture so the initiative will continue.