Ugly Barriers on East Bridge

Ugly Barriers on East Bridge: The Civic Society Takes Action

Essex County Council first installed metal barriers on East Bridge, East Street in 2015 due to concerns over the structure of the bridge and supposed unauthorised parking. These were later replaced with the current red and white barriers.  Since their installation the barriers have become more and more of an eyesore. The end drums have missing lids which allow them to be used as litter bins, sections of metal tubing along the tops need replacing and silt and weeds build up over the whole stretch. Residents have called on County Hall to deal with the issue, particularly as this is a conservation area and a main gateway into the city.

ECC admit its maintenance of the barriers is not as effective as it should be and it needs to step up and make sure the barriers are kept in better condition. In the meantime, volunteers from the Society regularly take action. Both the north and south sides of the bridge are cleared of litter; pavements and kerbs are weeded and brushed clean; roadside gutters cleared of debris and brushed clean: overgrown conifers and other evergreens cut back and the safety barriers restored to their original positions.

In 2015, an ECC spokesperson stated in the Gazette newspaper that it was scheduling a future repair programme. In 2019, a spokesperson stated in the Gazette that engineers would carry out a feasibility study in the 2019-20 financial year to look at options for a better longer-term solution. While these statements are appreciated by the Society; we await the results of their study with interest. Actions speak louder than words.

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